My name is Andrea, and I’ve been a foreign resident in Japan for 18 years.  In my time here and before I spoke and understood Japanese well, I experienced some hardship in getting paperwork filed and applying for services due to language difficulties.   I’ve since learned much about not only Japanese paperwork, but also about the Japanese language, of course.

Therefore, I’m offering my experience and expertise to the foreign community in Japan.  I’m offering translating services at what is considered “bargain rate”, 15 yen per word (count according to Microsoft word “word count”).

In principal, I only translated from Japanese to English.  Following is a list of items that I can translate:

* Japanese marriage certificates

* Japanese family registers

* Japanese certificates of residence (住民票)

*employment contracts

Please contact me if you neeed an item translated that is not listed above; depending on the item, I may be able to assist with other documents as well.  Please note that I do NOT work with housing contracts (apartment leases, home ownership documents, etc.).

For information on how to make payment, please contact me directly.

My personal e-mail address is: amacielmiyata@yahoo.com  , or you can use the attached contact form.


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